Aditi Mahesh took Catalyst last year as a Senior at SAS. For her Catalyst project, Aditi created KorathiByAditi, an online store created that incorporates beads made by Korathi women, a disenfranchised community in Tamil Nadu that is very involved in the arts. Aditi took the necklaces and beads that they made and redesigned them into something modern yet traditional that women of this day and age would actually want to wear. The platform she used was Etsy, a place where artistic entrepreneurs can find their audiences and flourish. All the profits went back to the Korathi community.

The inspiration behind her project came from her personal witness during her annual visit to Chennai. In 2015, she was appalled to find that near her house there were little girls younger than her making jewelry to sell on the street outside of a temple. She learned two things, 1) That these girls were from a low social class (caste) in society - people didn’t even take a second look at them let alone their jewelry and 2) the necklaces were of very poor quality. She wanted to give them a global platform that doesn’t discriminate against caste that sells good quality jewelry for a good cause.

Aditi's project was very successful and we can't wait to see what other great stuff she does in college!

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