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class of 2018

Akhil Sharma is an SAS senior and Catalyst student who is working on a well-informed research paper that includes qualitative and quantitative data from people who have had issues with the eldery care system along with suggestions for what they can do to lessen or get rid of the problems.
Akhil says that many elderly people struggle with meeting the expensive demands of nursing homes and care centers, yet they need people around them for support as most of their children leave the country to work.
He is working with his mentor, Shilpa Gentela, senior client at Korn Ferry International and plans on aiming his research to Singaporeans who are above 65 years old as well as those working within various fields of the healthcare industry.
Akhil has had some bumps in the road such as getting access to people in elderly care homes with the strict privacy policies set by Singapore’s government, but is cruising ahead now with the help of his mentor (who has helped him get access to the homes).
In the future, Akhil hopes to finish his research paper and get it published in various magazines.

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