For her Catalyst Project, Allison learned how to become an underwater photographer in order to create a calendar. Through this calendar, she hoped to raise awareness about ocean pollution and the harms it can cause to marine life. She used photos that she took while diving that showcase how the environment interacts and adapts to pollution in the ocean. The calendar was then marketed with the proceeds going to the Stairway Foundation’s Sea Adventure School.

Her project mentor, Bo Mancao, is a professional underwater photographer. He helped her in her journey to becoming an underwater photographer by showing her diving positions, what makes a good photo, and what to do after the photo-taking process. She found Bo through networking with many connectors at a diving convention in Singapore.
This semester, Allison is taking Catalyst again to further develop her underwater photography skills with a goal of creating a coffee table book of marine life.

We are looking forward to tracking your journey this semester!

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