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Ana is a current senior at SAS who is working on creating a written proposal for the implementation of greywater recycling units in the high school bathrooms which will be submitted to the facilities department.

Greywater is used water from sinks, showers, bathtubs, and washing machines, usually only containing soap or detergent. By successfully installing a design unit that recycles the greywater from our bathroom sinks, we would be able to decrease the amount of potable water we waste, making an impact on our school’s water expenditures and the environment. This project helps Ana pursue her passion for environmental science and she believes that writing a proposal would not only help her develop her communication skills, but also leave a long lasting impact on the school if the facilities department were to follow through with the proposal.

Ana is still in the process of finding a mentor, but so far has had little success with finding mentors in Singapore. At the moment, she is in contact with a few universities outside of Singapore which have been willing to put her in contact with professors who would be able to answer her questions.

In regards to her project, Ana is researching possible design types that could be implemented in the high school bathrooms that would require minimal disruption of the current plumbing in place.

Right now, she is up against a roadblock in the sense that she has to find designs that would leave little effect on the currently layout of the bathrooms. This would probably be the biggest challenge since she has little experience with greywater recycling designs.
Ana hopes that by the end of her project she will be able to leave a lasting impact on the efficiency of the plumbing at our school! We look forward to seeing her project progress!

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