April Yoon, a current catalyst student and senior, is working to create a SAS course focused on an introduction to law. This would be used for students that want to understand what law is like before they commit to majoring in it for college.

So far, April has struggled the most with finding a mentor. Over the summer April interned at a law firm where she assumed her mentor would come from. Wanting her mentor to be her past boss, she ran into a problem when she realized her boss wouldn’t have enough time to help her and that he didn’t know enough about educational courses. After thinking more about what she wanted in a mentor, April decided to ask one of the firm’s associated, who received her master’s degree two years ago, for help. April now has a mentor that is very knowledgeable about law courses and is helping her plan the syllabus.

The course is planned to be semester-long and will be divided into four categories: criminal law, common law, civil law, and statute law. April is also trying to put herself into an educators’ perspective to make the course more interesting by coming up with projects for each type of learner.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this catalyst project, please contact April Yoon!

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