Senior at SAS, Armaan Chawla, is currently working on creating a research narrative regarding the disparity between spinal care in Singapore and Ethiopia for his Catalyst project this semester. Armaan has his own story of receiving spinal surgery in top class medical facilities here in Singapore. However, when he went to Ethiopia to raise money for spine patients at Dr. Rick Hodes’ Medical Program, he realised that there were major differences between Singapore and Ethiopia not only in terms of how the hospitals in each country treat their patients but also with the surgery process itself. These discrepancies intrigued him and inspired him to explore the reasons behind them hence, his catalyst research narrative! The research narrative will be unique because it is written from the perspective of a patient (Armaan) and with the help of his mentors, Armaan hopes to be able to not only learn more about medical care across two different continents but also showcase his learning through writing for others to see.

Armaan’s mentor is CNN Hero of the Year, Dr. Rick Hodes, and Kinjal Shah of SAS Communications Department. At this point, he has begun drafting his piece and he is focusing on intensely researching about Ethiopian spine care and African medical care.
Armaan has come to a roadblock in the process, however. His project has some dependence on a doctor in a 3rd world country, so sometimes certain processes can take longer than usual, but Armaan is also working with an editor here at SAS so his research narrative is as thorough and compelling as it can be.

We look forward to seeing your research paper, Armaan!

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