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class of 2017

While undergoing his weight loss transition, Ary realised that there is a general lack of suitable content for kids and teenagers. Most of the articles and research he found were mainly related to adults who were looking to get fit and healthy. Hence, he wanted to provide an adequate solution for all of those kids out there looking to lose weight or lead a healthy lifestyle.

Ary took the Catalyst course for the first time last semester (his second semester of Junior year) where he found his mentor, Abraham Nikhil (Nik) who has helped him work towards his end goal of creating an app that provides teen-specific workouts and nutrition guidelines, called Strive.

Ary is not currently enrolled in the Catalyst course, but will be taking the class again next semester (his second semester of his Senior year). He is also working as a Catalyst Fellow in the Fellowship this year and he continues to work on his app which is going to be released in 3 weeks. He sees this project as something that will go beyond the class. Strive is currently Singapore based, but he hopes to expand the app beyond the country. He hopes to spread it to India, the Philippines, Dubai, and eventually all around the world.
We’re looking forward to following Ary’s project! #sasedu #sascatalyst

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