Meet a new Impact Fellow, Bryanna Entwistle!

Bryanna took AT Research and Catalyst her Junior year as part of the two year AP Capstone program. She can say for a fact that enrolling in such was the best decision of her high school career. For her study, Bryanna analyzed the implications of living abroad on self-authorship -- a domain of identity development -- among third culture kids, specifically high schoolers preparing for transitions to collegiate environments. Bryanna found that a positive correlation does exist, for service provides the opportunities for self-contextualization, autonomous action, problem-solving, and decision making needed for one to move away from pattern following and towards acting as an individual. Bryanna's paper is currently being considered for publication in the Stanford Social Review. Outside of the Catalyst world, she is extremely passionate about service (as you can probably tell!), dance, and writing. She also a self-proclaimed expert on Hamilton.

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