Conor Byrne, SAS senior and Catalyst student, is currently working on a project about how wing design affects lift in planes. Conor plans on designing and 3D printing two wings, one so called “good” wing, and one so called “bad” wing. He will then put both of the wings in a wind tunnel and record the results. The aim of his project is to portray the importance of wing design for aircraft.
Conor has always wanted to be a pilot and he believes that learning more about wing theory and lift will be vital to his success in his career. He also wants to help peers struggling to understand the concept of lift and how a wing moves through a fluid.
He got stuck at a certain point in his project when trying to find a wind tunnel. This wind tunnel is vital to his success in his project, but he hit a roadblock trying to decide if he should make one himself or rent one. At this point in his project, Conor has finished his CAD designs of both his good and bad wings. He is just about ready to 3D print both.
We look forward to seeing your progress and findings, Conor!

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