Emma Tynch, a current catalyst student and senior, is focusing on handwriting analysis for her project. Specifically, she will be analyzing traits between the different high school grade levels based on their handwriting. This will conclude into a presentation about which grade is most stressed, tired, energetic, etc.

So far, Emma has struggled with the research part of her project the most. There is very little reputable research on handwriting analysis because most of the websites are blogs about the author's personal experiences. Emma's solution to this problem is to simply make her own research.

Her upcoming plan is to grab samples of students’ handwriting from different grade levels using different techniques. Firstly, she wants to approach English teachers about using 5-10 minutes of class time to get the students all to write the same sentence. Her other technique for gathering information is to set up a booth at lunch to trade a handwriting sample for a brownie.

After she gets all of the data, Emma hopes to make a presentation about the SAS high school population.
If you would like to contribute to Emmas research, please feel free to contact her!

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