Erica Boland, a current catalyst student and senior, is focusing on building her performance skills on the harp while getting more people interested in the instrument. Since Erica is graduating early in December, she is donating her harp to SAS and wants to find a middle schooler to take up the instrument after she leaves.

To build up her performance skills, Erica is working on three pieces that she will eventually play at the winter music festival. She has been practicing during her catalyst and free times in the Center of Innovation so she has an audience. Once Erica polishes her pieces near the end of the semester, she is going to put on a professional performance in the middle school library, which will hopefully intrigue some of the students there about the harp.

So far Erica has struggled with how to show her improvement in a way that can be graded. Her catalyst teacher suggested on filming all of her practices and making vlogs to explain them, so she has been working hard on that.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about this catalyst project, please contact Erica Boland!

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