George Eppel, current catalyst student at SAS, is working on creating a nature documentary of SAS wildlife. His reason for this unique project is to help educate students about the enviornment that we live in and to create awareness of what’s around us. George has also been watching David Attenborough (naturalist and broadcaster from BBC) his whole life and thought it would be amazing if he could do the same.

George has been in contact with a leading naturalist here in Singapore, but no teacher-apprentice relationship has been confirmed yet as it is still early on in the semester.

By the end of his project, George hopes to have an edited ten to fifteen minute documentary and/or a collection of footage clips to be used by SAS teachers as teaching tools.

At this point in the semester, George is working on securing a spot with his mentor and plans to begin getting footage by the end of the month.

As all projects, George has hit some roadblocks through the process. At this point, George is working on how he can get around not having much experience in filmmaking which is a large component of his project.

He hopes to be able to spend all of March and April filming and says “there’s going to be a lot of time spent trekking through the forest.”

We look forward to seeing your project at the end of the semester, George!

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