Senior at SAS, Hannah Bradshaw, is currently working on her project “Singapore through the lens,” a project that explores the world of work in Singapore by interviewing and photographing people at their jobs. Through these interviews, Hannah is looking to learn about what they do and how they got to where they are. She plans to compile all photographs into an online website, highlighting the most powerful quote from each interview.

She reached out to SAS alumni, photographer, and prior Catalyst Student, Chris Chan in order to recieve mentoring to accomplish her end goal. By the time the end of the semester rolls around, Hannah hopes to have all her photographs compiled onto her website.

Hannah plans to aim her project towards expats and students at SAS providing them with an opportunity to learn about the different occupations around the country that they normally wouldn’t come across. Her ultimate goal is for all viewers to gain a deeper understanding of the faces and jobs in Singapore, seeing the vast diversity that lies in the little red dot we live in.

She is currently building towards her final project, working on her “Catalyst Journey Website” (Online portfolio) which documents her learning process and pictures from ‘behind the scenes’.

We look forward to seeing your finished product, Hannah!

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