Jeniffer Park, current junior at SAS and catalyst student, is working on diving deeper into the nursing career, a possible career option for her in the future. Jeniffer has a deep interest in nursing and wanted the chance to get a hands on experience in a hospital where there are a diverse group of patients. It has always been a dream of hers to work in a hospital and this project can give her a look inside the nursing world and further grow her passion in nursing.

As it is early on in the semester, Jeniffer is still working on finding her mentor for the rest of the semester. She is currently in conversation with a doctor here in Singapore about mentorship, but no teacher-apprentice relationship has been confirmed yet.

Through this project, our highlighted junior hopes to dive deeper into the medical field and eventually create a programme where students in the international school community like her can easily find a job shaddowing opportunity in the healthcare field.

At this point in her project, Jeniffer is waiting for confirmation from the hospital for the dates of her job shaddowing. She is also beginning to plan the prototype for the programme she wants to create.
Just like all projects, she has hit some bumps in the road. So far, Jeniffer has learned that getting a job shaddowing opportunity is difficult as Singapore has strict rules on foreigners’ opportunities at job shaddowing.

In the future, Jeniffer hopes to further her programme, get it up and running, and get a good idea of what working as a nurse might look like.

We look forward to seeing your project progress throughout the semester, Jeniffer!

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