Meet a new Impact Fellow, Jeniffer Park!

Jeniffer took catalyst in the spring of 2018. Her project focused on diving deeper into the nursing profession. Jeniffer knew she wanted a hands on experience. After some research, Jeniffer found a three day internship program at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital, which led to writing a reflection and compilation of mini lessons on her experiences. In addition, Jeniffer bridged our school and the hospital by giving SAS students the opportunity to participate in the three day program that she experienced. To expand further and get more experience in the field, Jeniffer applied to be a healthcare assistant at Tan Tock Seng and spent her summer working in a neuro med-surg ward. Catalyst gave Jeniffer the ability to work on and take action to build her passion of becoming a nurse. It gave her the freedom to do what she's always wanted to do and explore, something that doesn't happen in a regular traditional classroom setting. Jeniffer cannot wait to expand and grow her catalyst project in the upcoming two semesters.

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