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Catalyst Teacher

Lee Ann Spillane (originally from Florida) has been teaching for over two decades now. Prior to joining SAS, she taught in Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, Florida.

She created a Reading Writing Center at University High School, half of which was a demonstration teaching space and the other half a student-staffed writing help center.

Lee Ann Spillane is gifted endorsed and National Board Certified. She has also taught in an IB program, a science-based magnet program, AP Language and English. She currently teaches English 9, AP Lang and Catalyst.

She traveled for more than a decade with Janet Allen facilitating workshops with teachers in schools across the United States.

Writer and consultant, Lee Ann is passionate about reading and writing. Devoted to teaching and learning her trans-media book, Reading Amplified: Digital Tools that Engage Students in Words, Books and Ideas, is available online from Stenhouse Publishers.

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