Catalyst Junior Mathias Katsuya, focussed his project on the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. He researched how green on blue attacks, instances when Afghan soldiers being trained by American or Coalition troops betray and kill their advisors, impact military and civilian relationships between the two countries. Aided by his mentor, Professor Albert Pierce of Georgetown University, the project culminated in the creation of an academic paper titled “War is Deceit - Military and Civilian Relations in the Era of Green on Blue Attacks”.

Mathias’ research found that these attacks posed a serious threat to the American strategy in the region as they compromised the rapport between US and Afghan troops, prevented the rapid build up of local security capabilities, and drastically impacted the Western public’s will to remain militarily involved overseas. He hopes that his paper not only further contributes to the ongoing discussion surrounding green on blue attacks, but also encourages us to reflect upon the immense military, political, and ethical complexities confronted by today’s service members.

His next step is to submit the paper to the Concord Review, an academic journal which publishes the work of High School history students, in January of 2020.

A copy of “War is Deceit” is available. Click here to view it.

We wish you all the best on your submission, Mathias!

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