Max Huang, current Senior at SAS, is currently working on creating a guide (in website or brochure form) for international students that will be entering into NS after high school. Being Singaporean himself, Max knows that adjusting the NS life is going to be a concern for himself and wants to help others who are also in his position. He feels that this project is unique to his identity and hopes that this will make students like himself less worried about the pre-enlistment process for NS.

Max has consulted SAS alumni and current NSman, Nigel Li to be his mentor for his semester long project. He is currently in the stage of setting up his project and gathering researched information about the process such as a timeline of events that happens in the pre-enlistment process.

Just like in all projects, Max has experienced some roadblocks along the way. For him, finding a mentor was difficult in the beginning. He started out by looking for professional organizations or people whose jobs were related to the pre-enlistment process, but he had no luck. Max eventually decided to get the most direct guidence and went for a former SAS student who is currently in NS.

In the future, Max hopes to finish his research and eventually get into constructing the website. On top of that, he hopes to have enough time to create a physical brochure.
We look forward to seeing Max’s project!

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