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Meet Our new Engineer-in-Residence: Sam Coronado

Sam Coronado is the new Engineer-In-Residence in the Centre of Innovation. He has 12+ years of experience leading and participating in multi-disciplinary teams, focusing on product and project development. His background in mechanical engineering has provided the foundations for working and consulting opportunities in South and North America for both corporate and start-up organizations in industries such as Energy and Food Products.

Sam has acted as a mentor for SAS Catalyst and Entrepreneurship projects since 2016. He has supported students in their science and engineering endeavours and helped guide their learning journeys which prompted his further interest in education. He completed his Master of Education through the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and has worked in SAS's Jumpstart program for the past two years. Since moving to Singapore in 2015, Sam and his wife have enjoyed a wide variety of outdoor activities around SE Asia.

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