Mina Korkmaz, a current catalyst senior, is helping the OSCAS dog shelter with their adoptions and awareness. Mina wants to give dogs the opportunity to be adopted as well as educate students about all of the dogs needing homes. She is doing this by hosting an adoption drive at SAS and through running bake sales to raise money and awareness.

Minas biggest challenge so far was finding an organization to help with. At first, she was trying to find an organization by herself but after around a month and a half of looking, that was proving impossible. Since her mom has fostered many dogs throughout her time in Singapore, Mina enlisted her mothers' help. Mina got a recommendation to reach out to OSCAS and from then on, she’s been working with them.

Mina’s next step is to host her adoption drive. This Friday, November 15th, Mina is bringing in sheltered dogs to the makerspace from 3-5!

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Mina Korkmaz and please support her this Friday at the adoption drive!

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