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class of 2018

Current high school senior, Mitch Bonaguro, is working on raising awareness for anxiety, depression, and suicide that starts at a young age and continues through adulthood by launching a successful TED talk and website. Mitch believes that these issues are the most pressing concerns facing the health and well-being of Singapore.
He has created a service club, as well as designed a website and blog that has several articles about the issues of anxiety in Singapore. By the end of his project, Mitch hopes to reach an audience made up of SAS parents, SAS students, and Singaporean/chinese community.
Mitch is currently working without the help of a mentor as he finds the field of psychology one that is incredibly busy, and therefore finds it difficult to sustain a connection with a professional.
In the future, Mitch hopes he will be able to accurately address these issues so they can reach the expatriate and Singaporean communities. That way, parents can have an accurate depiction of the problems facing the youth.

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