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Noah De Guchteneere, senior and Catalyst student at SAS, is working on writing an article about the risks of American Football to the brain such as the enormous risk of CTEs (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) that lead to other types of brain damage such as alzheimer’s and dementia.

Noah believes that this is an issue of serious concern, and is concerned that it is not widely discussed in schools which is his reasoning behind is project. He is currently working with Kinjal Shah, SAS communications specialists in order to achieve his end goal of informing students and parents on the risks of American Football and the potential of serious brain damage.

Noah struggled with finding the best sources to incorporate into his paper, but he was able to get through that road block and is now currently working on the first draft of his paper.

In the future, Noah wants to complete his paper and try to get it published on multiple sources such as the SAS eye and the publications page on the SAS website.
We look forward to following your project, Noah!

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