Pahel Shah is a current Senior at SAS. She is working on a project that strives to reduce stress in the workplace for her Catalyst project. Pahel is interested in both Psychology and Business and wanted to create a project that combined the two. By the end of the semester, she hopes to present a pitch to the board of a company about ways to reduce stress in the workplace.

As of right now, Pahel has finished her at home/in school research and is moving into her observation phase of her project where she actually goes into workplace environments to learn about the role that stress plays on employees.

One roadblock that Pahel has faced in her project is that there are many more confidential aspects of her project than she had realized. She had to make the details of her project more generic as she learned a lot of things about companies that they did not want released to the public.

In the future, Pahel wants to create her generic pitch that will eventually be presented to the board of a company. She believes that most American banks are the same so creating a generic pitch for all of the companies will be similar to creating a pitch for just one.

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