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class of 2018

Rebecca Kuehn, senior at SAS, is currently working on creating an informational video about occupational therapy for her Catalyst project. Rebecca’s interest in occupational therapy comes from a personal part of her own life. As a young kid, Kuehn was constantly dragged to OT appointments for her older sister who suffered from developmental delays (and needed occupational therapy to treat). From there, Rebecca has always had an interest in occupational therapy and she now considers it a potential career path for herself. In her project, she wants to learn about this profession and see if it is something that truly interests her, which is the reason behind her internship at an occupational therapy center here in Singapore. Furthermore, she also hopes to inform more people about occupational therapy and its impact on society through her informational video.

As most students do, Rebecca found it hard to find a mentor who was willing to give her an internship, but she eventually found one. Kuehn currently interns at the Asher-Solomon Center for Development while storyboarding her ideas and collecting footage to include in her informational video.

In the future, Rebecca hopes to finish her video to impact her audience. She also plans on continuing her internship with the ASCD as she has discovered it is something she has a genuine interest in pursuing.

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