Riya Ahuja, current SAS senior took Catalyst last semester where she created a project that’s deeply rooted in her passion and experience in life: golf. Riya has been golfing since she was six years old (and been playing competitively since she was nine). Although she has played in numerous tournaments throughout her years, she says she’s always been blind to what goes on behind the scenes.

Wanting to learn more about the process of organizing and marketing a tournament, Riya decided to start up her own with business partner Rishi Bhat. They had planned to organize a tournament together (with Riya handling the marketing aspect) and to give the profits to charity. However, through the process they hit multiple roadblocks that may have lead to lower returns for the charity. Knowing that this was not going to work for their intended purpose, they tweaked their projects slightly.

Riya moved over to apprenticeship under an organisation that had mastered the idea of golf tournaments here in Singapore. Riya spent time watching and learning from the Singapore Island Country Club and even got to assist them in one of their events. Working closely with their marketing team, she was able to learn more about target audiences and reflect on her own mistakes from her tournament.
For more information on their projects, check out Rishi Bhat’s post on our page!

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