Catalyst student and current junior, Ryan Walker, is working on creating a digital portfolio in the form of a website and a new photo series done in film. Her main reason for doing this project is to showcase her past and present work in one place while also learning the basics of photography.

So far, Ryan has two mentors: Chris Zarconi and Shannon Zircle who are helping her to achieve her end goal of having an aesthetic and dynamic portfolio that is easily accessible. However, throughout the course of the semester, Ryan also hopes to gain better knowledge on basic camera settings like aperture and shutter speed.

Ryan is putting her project together for herself, but also for colleges, mentors, business professionals, and even possible internships in the future.

Most people hit roadblocks at some point in their project, but Ryan hit hers early on in her project during the ideation phase of the course. Her original plan was to create two photo series based on migrant workers. However, as she was exploring this in depth, she realised there is very limited access to this population of people as well as a ton of permits that would be needed to conduct this project.

Ryan quickly got through her roadblock and continued on her way to a successful project. At this point, she is hoping to have a stronger grasp on how photography works in terms of settings and composition by the end of the semester. She hopes to also develop a dynamic and professional way to compile her work as a photographer.

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