Meet a new Impact Fellow, Skylar Ward!

Skylar took catalyst in 2018 during the second semester of her junior year. Her catalyst project was to educate people about the endangerment of pangolins. This included giving talks to classrooms all around the school about what pangolins are, why they are endangered and what they could do to help. She then raised money to help them through a bake sale, online fundraising page and she sold 3D printed pangolins that she had made. Lastly, Skylar put up a collaborative banner in the library to raise even more awareness in the high school. Skylar loved catalyst because it gave her the opportunity to do something that she was passionate about during school hours. Since she's studying animal science in college, it was an amazing opportunity for her to use her time experiencing the field that she is going in to. Along with being a fellow, Skylar is also involved with a lot of service activities, is a teaching assistant for a catalyst class and is the COO of HeroTech.

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