Sophie Anderson, SAS Senior, is currently working on creating a video piece called “Discovering Third World Singapore: An Oral History.” This video aims to uncover the contrast between Singapore’s early and modern days by compiling interviews with Singapore’s pioneer generation.

Sophie was inspired by her grandmother (from the Singaporean pioneer generation), who has told her multiple stories about her childhood. Her stories of the “old days” as well as her shift in mentality towards technology, culture, and the economy, made
Sophie wonder what else there is to discover about the transition Singapore underwent from third world to first.

Sophie is interested in the rapid development that Singapore has gone through since its independence as well as the contrast between its early days and its modern days. She’s decided to delve deeper into the world that her grandmother once knew. She believes that it is important for Singaporeans (especially millennials and younger) to be educated on the past, because in her lifetime, the generation that lived through Singapore’s independence gain will be gone.

Sophie is currently finalizing the layout of her interviews and video structure, and she is beginning the process of contacting potential interviewees. By the end of the semester, Sophie hopes to have her final video product! We’re excited for you, Sophie!

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