Zeina Ismail, SAS Senior, took Catalyst for the first time last semester. During her time in Catalyst, she found ways to help others relieve stress from a usually stressful environment. When Zeina was a child, she dedicated all of her time to drawing (even during class). She says she often tried to hold herself back from her artistic ways during classes where she needed to focus, but she found that she couldn’t concentrate unless her pencil was moving.

Being in a high-performing school comes with being in a high stress environment. Zeina did her research on our school’s stress levels in order to create awareness around the school about this common problem.
However, Zeina wasn’t done by the conclusion of her article, so she continued in a way that brought out her artistic interests. Zeina created colouring books out of her artistic designs to help students relieve stress in the same way she does. Furthermore, throughout the course of the semester, Zeina tried to convince the Booster Booth to start selling stress-relief items (such as stress balls).

Zeina ended up with a great project that came from a great place. Current catalyst students: we look forward to seeing what you come up with this semester!

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