• Innovators-in-Residence

    James Harvey


    James Harvey is the new Maker-in-residence for the High School at the Singapore American School. He has 30 years of experience as an inventor, designer, furniture maker, and photographer. As a high-school student, his innovative design project - a catamaran windsurfer, became a commercial product, which went on to win a UK Millennium award. James set up a furniture making a business from his own workshops in Dorset, England where he designed and creating bespoke contemporary hardwood pieces. He also designed and hand carved large-scale wooden rocking rhinos, elephants and hippos, inspired from his time in Africa, under the name Rocking Rhinos. James came to Singapore from the UK in 2014 with his wife, Elementary Art teacher, Kirsten Harvey - and their two High School sons, Tom and Matu. In his spare time, James enjoys diving, traveling, cycling and photography and rows with the ‘Pink Spartans’, a local dragon boat team of cancer survivors.

    Sam Coronado


    Sam Coronado is the new Engineer-In-Residence in the Centre of Innovation. He has 12+ years of experience leading and participating in multi-disciplinary teams, focusing on product and project development. His background in mechanical engineering has provided the foundations for working and consulting opportunities in South and North America for both corporate and start-up organizations in industries such as Energy and Food Products.

    Sam has acted as a mentor for SAS Catalyst and Entrepreneurship projects since 2016. He has supported students in their science and engineering endeavors and helped guide their learning journeys which prompted his further interest in education. He completed his Master of Education through the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and has worked in SAS's Jumpstart program for the past two years. Since moving to Singapore in 2015, Sam and his wife have enjoyed a wide variety of outdoor activities around SE Asia.

    Bill Poorman


    Bill Poorman is a journalist, podcaster, writer, audio and video producer, and editor. He currently produces the Foreign Influence podcast, co-produces the French Tech APAC podcast, and is executive producer of the Inside Asia podcast. He is a co-editor on the forthcoming 15th edition of the American Association of Singapore's guide for expats, Living in Singapore and has written for Esquire Singapore magazine. Previously, Bill worked in public radio in the US as a business reporter and on-air host in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bill has lived in Singapore for five years.

    Simone Torreon

    Maker Coordinator

    Simone is the Maker Coordinator of Highschool Center of Innovation at the Singapore American School. She supervises the workspace and helps students with 3D printers, laser cutter machine, etc. She also works with students in Catalyst, Robotics, Engineering Science and other programs/courses, be it the actual project making or simply helping to secure materials to finding a place to work. She has a degree in Biology and Special Education and the decade of work experience in information technology with multinational companies helped her in the challenging world of innovation and making. Simone enjoys watching movies, documentaries, playing tennis (she is a big fan of the Williams sisters) and reading (she loves D. Steel, S. Sheldon, and J. Grisham).

    Hannah Ryan

    Former Entrepreneur-in-Residence

    Hannah Ryan is the CEO and a co-founder of the travel tech startup and app, roammate. She has been visiting with our Entrepreneurship classes and acting as a mentor and in-house resident to our Catalyst program since Fall 2016. Hannah's background is in Chemistry Education, but she has found herself in the startup world of a new continent, needing to pick up a new network and a wide range of new skills on the fly. She has experienced the fails and triumphs that are the realities many of our students will someday face, and therefore offers a unique perspective on the hurdles to expect, when and how to pick yourself back up, and most importantly choosing a problem and passion that makes it feel easy to persevere. Read more about her app at roammate.com.

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