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    Matt Hughes

    Catalyst PLC Leader

    World Studies Teacher

    Matt is originally from Michigan, but has now taught in Colorado, Ecuador, China, and now Singapore. He is entering his 11th year of teaching and the last 3 at Singapore American School, where he teaches World Studies and Catalyst. He has his bachelor's in History and master's degree in Asian Studies. Matt is the father of two children: Asher (7), and Adelynn (5), and was Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006.

    Bob Helmer

    Catalyst and AT Seminar Teacher

    High School Librarian

    Bob is the High School Teacher-Librarian and has been at SAS for 4 years. He is responsible for the leadership of library services and teaches AP Seminar and SAS Catalyst. Previous positions have included High School Head Librarian at Sidwell Friends School and Head Librarian at the International School of Prague. Previous to those positions, he worked as a School Library Teacher in Boston Public School and at the Santa Cruz Cooperative School in Bolivia. Bob received a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the George Washington University and a Master’s of Information Science with a School Library Teacher licensure from Simmons College.

    Stacey Jensen

    Catalyst and American Studies Teacher

    Advisory Leader

    Stacey is originally from Ontario, Canada. Promptly after graduating from Queen's University in 1998 with a B.A. (Honours) in English and History and a B.Ed., she moved to Singapore and started working at SAS. She taught middle school students in RLA, Social Studies, Health, Speech and Drama for 8 years, and for the past 11 years, she has taught high school students in American Studies, English 9, English 10, The World of Shakespeare, Film as Literature, Communications, and now, Catalyst. Stacey earned her M.A. in Literary Studies from National University of Singapore in 2011. She is married to Scott A. Woodward, a professional photographer, and together, they love to travel the world.

    Lawrence "Shack" Shackelford

    Catalyst, Journalism, Introductory & Advanced Filmmaking Teacher​

    Though "Shack" hails from Virginia Beach, VA, he attempts to pass as Latino whenever possible (and he is not). He has, however, spent half of his life in South America and, when pressed, will convince you that Brazil is where his heart is and thus home. He holds degrees in Biology and Spanish Language from the University of Virginia and has earnestly surfed the curriculum throughout his 23 years in the classroom, teaching everything from foreign language and graphic design to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. After living among (and producing a film on) the Xavante and Ashininka indigenous tribes of the Brazilian rain forest, his passion was discovered and his focus turned to developing courses that empower students to communicate with the infinite possibilities of filmmaking. Shack is an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Certified Pro Trainer in Final Cut Pro, a has-been (wannabe-rock-star), a foodie, and a lover of foreign languages, niche perfumery, and dark chocolate.

    Jay Londgren

    Catalyst Teacher

    Jay is originally from the great frozen state of Minnesota. A former farm kid turned city dweller, he now considers himself a TCA (third culture adult). Since leaving Minnesota, Jay has lived in Iowa, Singapore, Venezuela, South Korea and he's now back in Singapore all over again. Now in his 11th year teaching, Jay has taught music at all levels, from PreSchool Kinder-music to High School Wind Ensemble. He has degrees in Music, Education, Conducting, and, for some reason, English Composition. When not in rehearsals, grading recordings, reading AT assignments, or convincing Catalyst students to push themselves and their audience, he can be found running, cooking, traveling, taking photos or learning to fly a Cessna. Please note that if you ask him about his favourite podcasts make sure you have allocated plenty of time for the response.

    Jason Adkison

    Instructional Coach

    Jason is originally from Florida, but has now taught in Wisconsin, Egypt, China, Japan and now Singapore. He is entering his 19th year of teaching and the last 11 at Singapore American School. He has been teaching AP Capstone since 2014, AP Research consultant since 2015 and help combine AP Research and Catalyst in 2016 to create AT Catalyst Research. He serves as a department head and is the high school's instructional coach. He has his bachelor's in Interdisciplinary Education from Univ. of West Florida and his Masters of Education from State Univ. of New York-Buffalo. Jason is the father of three boys: Kai (9), Luka(7) and Seth (4).

    Dennis Steigerwald

    Catalyst Coordinator

    Dennis is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, yet quickly jumped out of the snow and into international education. He is now the Center of Innovation Coordinator at Singapore American School (located 77 kilometers from the equator). He has taught Catalyst for three years and currently helps to facilitate the mentoring component within students' Catalyst Projects. He received a Bachelor in Science in Education from Miami University, Master’s Degree in Education from Framingham State University, and is currently working on his doctorate degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Southern California. He also holds Dive Master Certification from PADI and Coastal Skipper Certification from Royal Yachting Association.

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